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Drain Cleaning

If you need sewer drain cleaning we are positioned to offer the best service in this area. Not only do we have the right tools, we have a highly-qualified plumbing staff that is certified, bonded and licensed to do their work. We also guarantee that you will receive high quality work from us.

Water Heater

If you have a gas water heater that is not working properly, call for our plumbing service and let us get it repaired for you. Whatever problem you have with your unit such as water leakage, knocking sounds or not enough hot water, we can help you.

Water Leak

If you have such issues as sediments accumulating in your unit and making a lot of banging noise when the heater is on, we can drain the tank for you, which should take care of the problem. When you have a leak in your heater you need expert diagnosis so that the right problem can be addressed.

Bolner Toilet Repair SErvices in Katy tx

Most homes today have at least two or three toilets if not more. These facilities are ideal if you have a big family and can come in handy especially in the morning when people are getting ready to go to work or school. However, there is potential that this ideal situation is not maintained for long if something happens to one or more of the toilets. If you need toilet repair, call Katy Plumbing TX any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can unclog your toilets, stop water leakage, or install new ones at any time.

Unclogging a toilet is something that we do all the time and actually one of our fastest services because of the experience that we have and the tools that we have invested in. Our plumbers are able to unblock any toilet and get everything flowing nicely again. There are certain comforts that you are used to in your home and that you wouldn’t do without them such as indoor toilet facilities. We make is possible to continue enjoying these services by restoring them for you quickly when you have a problem. If your bathroom toilets are leaking and you can’t find a solution for this problem, call us and within minutes we may have corrected this issue and save you from having gallons of water wasted. We are not just experienced in what we do, we have the proper skills and the right tools. Additionally, our service responds quickly when you call and we are always open making us an ideal service provider.

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